Book Tour


Join me on each stop of my virtual book tour beginning 1 March, 2012. Here are my hosts at each of the sexy virtual destinations I’ll be visiting:

1 March Kate Bornstein : Kate Bornstein’s Blog for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws. Alternative to suicide-or simply to a really bad day. Kate’s post is titled Got Ecstasy?

2 March  Viviane : Viviane’s Sex Carnival~A Blog about Sex and Sexuality. Viviane’s post is titled BarbaraCarrellas” Ecstasy is Necessary: Virtual Book Tour.

5 March Betty Herbert : Love in the Long RunToday we’ll celebrate the publication of Ecstasy is Necessary in the United Kingdom. Betty’s post is titled Ecstasy is Necessary!

6 March  Bevin Branlandingham : The Queer, Fat, Femme Guide to Life. Bevin’s post is titled Get Me Embodied: Ecstasy is Necessary Book Review and Interview With Author Barbara Carrellas.

7 March Kendra Holliday: The Beautiful Kind: Striving to bring shy folks out of their shell, and offer a safe haven for those exploring their sexuality and creative side. Kendra’s post is titled Barbara Carrellas” Ecstasy is Necessary.

8 March Sinclair Sexsmith: The sex, gender and relationship adventures of a kinky, queer, butch top. The title of Sinclair’s post is Ecstasy is Necessary! The New Book by Barbara Carrellas

12 March Andrea Zanin: Thought on Sex and Life. Andrea’s post is titled On Ecstasy.

13 March Rubyyy Jones: Love Lust & Light. Rubyyy has created two posts: one on her blog titled Audio Ecstasyyy and another as part of her radio show, The Save Rubyyy Jones Hour.

14 March Jilly Boyd: Lady Laid Bare: Smart-ass Virgins Make Better Whoopie. The title of Jill’s post is To the Brink of Ecstasy: Barbara Carrellas Come to Visit. 

15 March Official publication date of Ecstasy is Necessary. I’ll be live blogging with friends and fans at

16 March Abiola Abrams: Passionista Playbook: The Passionate Living Blog. Abiola’s post is titled: Strange Sex: Thinking Off and Tantric Sex.

6 April Monika Thomas: Sexploration with Monika. Monika’s podcast is titled: Ecstasy is Necessary: Brain and Full-Body Orgasms.

10 April Vanessa L. Pinto: SFWeekly Blogs. Vanessa’s post is titled: You Think Tantra Is Just For Marin Yuppies? Well, Urban Tantra Is For Everyone Else.